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Promoting Sounds bir plak şirketi ve sanatçıdır ve size her gün en iyi müziği sunmak için şarkılar üzerinde yakından çalışıyoruz. Sanatçı: KAAN / Prolivik Şarkı Adı: The Eagles Açıklama: KAAN – The Eagles yepyeni bir parça ve rapçinin kendine özgü hızlı ateş tarzında ateş püskürmesini gösteriyor. Ritim çok sert, ama aynı zamanda sakin, bu yüzden gerçekten eşsiz bir his yaratıyor – The Eagles’ın tadını çıkarın! Sanatçı Sosyal Ağları: Destekleyici Sesler: Şarkı veya resim için amaçlanan ihlal var. Bu şarkıyı veya resmi yayınlamamla ilgili bir sorununuz varsa, lütfen sosyal ağlarımdan biri veya YouTube özel mesajlaşma sistemi aracılığıyla benimle iletişime geçin. Mesajınızı aldıktan ve bu içeriğin gerçek sahibi olduğunuzu belirledikten sonra, onu kaldıracağım, herhangi bir sorun yok. Bu kanal kesinlikle müziğin sanatçılarına yönelik tanıtım amaçlıdır. Müziklerini ve sosyal ağlarını tanıtmaya yardımcı olmaya çalışıyorum. . Çocuklar için değil – bu videolar yetişkinlere yönelik temalar içeren rap müziğidir – teşekkürler! .

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K.A.A.N. - The Eagles (pro. Prolivik)
K.A.A.N. – The Eagles (pro. Prolivik)

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K.A.A.N. – The Eagles (pro. Prolivik).

kaan hotel.

kaan hotel içeriğiyle Hometown Inn ‘ın sağladığı içerikle, size değer getirmeyi umarak daha fazla bilgiye ve yeni bilgiye sahip olmanıza yardımcı olacağını umuyoruz.. Hometown Inn kaan hotel hakkındaki içeriği okuduğunuz için içtenlikle teşekkür ederiz.

  1. Fr33d00m F1Ght3r diyor ki:

    [Intro: K.A.A.N.]
    Lawd, eh

    [Verse 1: K.A.A.N.]
    Came with a couple of questions, I am suggesting the obvious
    Make you ingest my vernacular, master of all my abilities
    Acrobatic, back and forth, I'm like an addict
    Mr. "Go And Get It", gift to gab, I got it
    Un-combative been to battles, won 'em all
    Flow ridiculous, sentences running on
    Now they all opposed, no one fucking with me
    That's okay 'cause I like my seclusion
    They soon to succumb to the sound we created
    I catered to no one but me and mines
    Ain't no fucking handouts that was ever given
    This is repetition at its finest, baby
    I don't give a damn if anybody like it
    Boy, I said that I do this for me, let's make it clear
    I'm a demonstrative lyricist, literally in the infancy stages
    I stated my purpose before, but they forcing my hand with this ignorance
    I'm in the sinning the sense that I'm coming with purer intentions
    I'm tempted to just take the scenic route
    Got to figure out how we gon' make it happen
    Time is not on my side in the midst of madness
    I been so lost on the road I travel
    Given everything I wanted, I let my pain unravel
    I'm a singer, to writer, I'm like a poet I guess
    None less than an era that was legendary
    I took a plan and I mapped it out
    In terms of energy I feel like I'm maxing out
    How many times can you fail 'fore you just submit
    No one is convinced, I'm in, but I want to get out
    And my doubting just consumed
    I've been thinking, "What the hell I got to lose?"
    A little bit of my pride, threw away food for thought
    I'm getting rid of my ego as a way to progress
    I want to humble myself, become meek and thankful
    Just appreciate the talent that I was given
    I want to maximize and to attain a lot
    I send all praise to the most high, lawd!

    [Hook: Don Henley]
    "Welcome to the Hotel California
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of room at the Hotel California
    Any time of year
    You can find it here"

    [Verse 2: K.A.A.N.]
    Gimme a little bit of peace, I don't ask for much
    There's no comparison to me, I'm just a bastard, bruh
    The way I'm mixing with the words, I make a massacre
    You hear the pain in my rhymes, spectacular
    But then you pass it up and then move on
    My shit looked over like it's not a threat
    It takes a lot of time, I want to get you convinced
    But when I hit you with this shit, it makes opinions switch
    I better get the recognition that I really deserve
    The style is superb, the one that they rather defer
    And I patiently oppose hipocracy but don't patronize me in the least
    Unleash my words of wisdom when the verse is finished
    Never ever change with my tone and temperament
    I channel my wrath from out the Old Testament
    I lost it all like King Solomon
    But I be getting it back, I tell a vigorous tale
    A visionary what I am, but nobody believes
    I'm trying to keep it all together, but I might conceive
    My mic check sound nice, one-two, I done it. Been doubted from the beginning, I swear that I is
    I'll give a simple example, the way that music is handled
    I make a mandatory margin, I'm walking my territory
    I'ma tell it like it is, but from my perspective
    I can't fabricate, I'ma put my truth on the page
    I could care less if it's accepted
    You done seen my growth from inception
    Search for profession, I pray that we prosper
    The problem for me is I just want my happiness
    Hope that it happens through records
    But I can't imagine that I'ma do this shit forever, lawd!

    [Hook: Don Henley]
    "Welcome to the Hotel California
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of room at the Hotel California
    Any time of year
    You can find it here"

    [Verse 3: K.A.A.N.]
    I need some time for myself, I stay away from the rest of them
    I just don't trust anybody, emotionally I'm invested
    Selfish, centered, part it, walk up on it, bent the path
    I'm passing the negative point of view, I move in silence, said I soothe and save
    I sanctify the vein, I rectify the pain
    I paint a picture, pay attention
    Want your help to spread the message, like the gospel
    This apostle never puts the faults in the form of my faith
    I cannot take it, so I fade away, but my fate was predetermined
    Got the firm belief that what I leave is a legible legacy
    Blessings that came from the Lord
    But I wasn't prepared to receive 'em at all
    Hit you with the cynical energy, I'ma send you a sign
    And I'll put it inside of a rhyme for your mind to grow
    I'll take all the pain that I ever had and no one could see
    I kept bottled up, gotta progress, get better, step back
    Just let me, I don't make an excuse, I've been to war
    I got to elevate it, take you to a level that nobody has been
    I'm in a different mindstate, I feel like its time to attack
    I never relax, a lab boy emitted to gas
    To give you some, in California where it never rains
    Gonna take a whole lot of work and I'm motivated to get it

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